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Cyber security

Cybersecurity and Risk Services

Take an integrated approach to cybersecurity – prevent intrusion, minimize risk, control loss, and stay resilient

In the highly digital and connected environment, data, apps and networks are at constant risk from malicious attackers. Organizations use NetProclivity’s Cybersecurity & Risk Service (CRS) to address these threats. The service uses a portfolio of Cyber Defence Platforms, frameworks, data and analytics to build defense systems against complex and sophisticated threats.


Data Governance Platform – Bring method to the madness of organizing data

Generate, capture, secure and use data without the anxiety of privacy and compliance failure.

For organizations that handle growing volumes of increasingly complex data, NetProclivity provides its Data Security Governance Solution. This provides management capabilities and granular controls over the complete lifecycle of data, establishing ownership, accountability and stewardship for data assets. The solution includes control frameworks, record inventory catalogs, risk mapped to data assets, policies, processes and reporting. 

Physical Security Convergence Platform – Gain total control over physical security

Boost physical security with smart, intelligent and reliable solutions that go beyond access control

Organizations that have a large number of employees, contractors, customers, vendors and visitors with a need to secure physical assets use NetProclivity’s Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) Solution. PIAM covers consultancy, implementation and execution beyond simple access control through perimeter surveillance, real time locating and remote monitoring. The solution provides a 50% saving on operational activities for card holder administration. 

Risk Intelligence Platform – Use Automation to transform risk and compliance management

Get a complete view of your risk and compliance posture, without the inefficiencies of manual processes. 

The legal and regulatory environment has made risk management a leading concern for company boards. NetProclivity uses automated and scalable risk intelligence platforms to make compliance to policies and regulatory guidelines simpler, ensuring that executives can take confident and informed decisions. The platforms deliver a 30% reduction in the cost of governance, risk and compliance related activities.

Security Management Platform – Keep information assets away from prying eyes and leaks

Don’t take a chance -- opt for Managed Security Services crafted to your industry standards and tailored for your business

Security hygiene through technological interventions and process improvement is the key goal of NetProclivity’s Managed Security Service (MSS). The service is centered on a state-of-the-art dashboard that visualizes and orchestrates your security initiatives around devices/ incidents and uses automation and analytics to generate real-time alerts and reports. 

Identity Management Center – Simple, Secure, trusted

Manage and control access to applications and information, inside and outside the organization

Organizations embarking on digitization need Identity and Access Management (IAM) to improve security and employee/ customer experience. Clients use NetProclivity’s year’s of experience across engagements to implement IAM services that emphasize efficiency and ongoing support. The award-winning service delivers Business-to-Associates/Employees IAM (B2A IAM), Business-to-Business IAM (B2B IAM),  Business-to-Consumer IAM (B2C IAM), Adaptive Authentication, and a host of accelerators and automation bots that transform manual User Access Management. In addition, the service is available in a variety of convenient commercial models to fit every business  need.

Security Assurance Center – Build protection, reduce risk, stop worrying

Leverage an award-winning security assurance service that provides real time visibility into threats 

Cybersecurity is a major concern for NetProclivity’s clients operating in a complex, hyper connected environment. Our Cybersecurity and Risk Services design solutions that continuously evaluate, test, analyze and remediate gaps in the security and risk posture of clients. We use an award-winning iSAS (integrated Security Assurance Service) framework to test applications, OS, databases (cloud and mobile) and infrastructure along with suggestions for counter measures. Our Security Assurance Maturity Model, frameworks, standardized templates, etc., help improve test efficiency by 25% and provide real-time visibility into vulnerabilities. 

Security Intelligence as a Service – Smart security for smart organizations

Improve security posture by deploying an intelligence service that goes beyond traditional approaches to threat and risk management

NetProclivity’s global Fortune 500 clients leverage our proactive cybersecurity programs that deliver actionable security intelligence. This is in contrast to traditional approaches that are reactive to threats or are passively involved in compliance monitoring. Our fully managed Security Intelligence as a Service (SIaaS) provides monitoring, incident reporting/ alerts and responses to threats. We use a unique use-case framework that defines indicators of threat that must be monitored and investigated to maintain a heightened level of alertness. Clients who use the service keep themselves protected from existing and emerging threats. 

Integrated Threats Management – Smarter cyber defense

Measurable and effective detection and remediation action  by reducing attacker’s window of opportunity with matured incident response and real time monitoring

NetProclivity’s Integrated Threat Management (ITM) enables cyber defense teams to become more efficient and smarter. The solution framework and approach combines detection, triaging, orchestration, contextualized incident management and investigation into a seamless experience to reduce Mean Time to Response (MTTR) for every incident.  The platform learns from analyst interactions and investigations to help cyber defense teams with best next steps.

NetProclivity is leading this evolution with innovation and change, leveraging unique cyber investments through providing customers with the latest solutions and managed services. We address the challenges of CISO and Cyber Operations teams by transforming cyber security services and bringing cyber symmetry.

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