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Enterprise Applications & Packages (EAP)

Enterprise Applications & Packages (EAP)

Gain intelligence and agility with differentiators & accelerators

EAP plays a key role in helping organizations address challenges of the digital era which are not merely limited to technology. It takes a comprehensive approach to delivering strategy, customer value, user experiences, processes, and operational outcomes. Our Enterprise Applications Capability Center offers a robust framework to implement and run SAP, Oracle, SalesForce, Netsuite, Infor

By leveraging uniform processes and accelerators for faster, repeatable, and high-quality delivery, Virtusa helps organizations gain intelligence and agility with differentiators, accelerators, and frameworks in functional areas like CRM, OTC, PTP, RTR, HTR, QTC, and others

Service Capabilities

IMPLEMENTATION, ROLL-OUT & TRANSFORMATION - Modernize legacy systems and adopt innovative business processes with best practices content on the new platform

GLOBALIZATION SOLUTIONS - Succeed in the international marketplace by leveraging our expertise that offers a detailed understanding of customer culture & market trends

APPLICATION MANAGEMENT - Improve operational capability, cost-effectiveness and reliability by adopting a shift-left framework that comprises of early warning tools

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE AND ANALYTICS - Gain deeper business insights, real-time reporting and advanced analytics leveraging diverse data sources with robust tools and processes

INNOVATION AND ADVISORY SERVICES - Accelerate digital transformation, discover hidden insights, identify new opportunities and technologies and translate ideas into prototypes

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Our partners are central to our success. Our partner network pools together powerful products, advanced technology, and extensive expertise to provide end-to-end solutions for our customers.