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Data Management

Data Backup & Recovery

Losing a document or email draft on your personal computer is frustrating. Imagine that feeling at the department- or company-wide level. Companies can lose data in many ways, not just because of security threats. Human error is responsible for many data loss incidents. Software malfunctions, power loss, and hardware problems are also common culprits. Losses routinely cost company’s time and money, and most incidents are entirely preventable with the right data backup and recovery plan.

Data Backup & Recovery Services

Data backup and recovery systems are different. Vendors often deal with particular data sets, or they only use one proprietary backup and recovery method, which may not work for every client. At NetProclivity, we strive to deliver comprehensive and custom-built data solutions. If your company works in the cloud or needs reliable security backup and recovery services, we have a solution that will fit your needs.

When we develop a data backup & recovery plan for businesses, we take every scenario into consideration. We can formulate a solution that allows you to go back an hour or two if a new employee makes a recording mistake, while creating a comprehensive network recovery solution to handle more serious data issues.

Our solutions offer immediate access to certain data, a commitment to data integrity, and fast restoration times to get your business up and running. We’ll help you determine which data is most vital to company operations and focus on creating immediate recovery protocols for those data sets before moving on to other areas of data storage.

IT & Data Security

Almost every business operating today needs to think about IT & data securityThreats to IT security can come from anywhere in the world and cause serious harm.

Top concerns among businesses include:

    1. Building strong security infrastructure
    1. Understanding threats, and
    1. Customer/business privacy protection

In reality, the cyber threat landscape changes constantly. Technology advances faster than many security firms can keep up, and the cost of even a small data breach can tear a business apart. This problem spans the globe, and the size of the business or nature of an industry may not affect cybercriminal actions.


Protect Your Future with IT & Data Security You Can Trust

At NetProclivity, we understand the threats today’s businesses face. We’ve seen how devastating a breach can be for an unprepared company, and we know that a proactive approach to security greatly mitigates the threat.

Our IT & Data Security services are custom designed to proactively reduce real threats our clients face. Your company’s existing technology infrastructure, online activities, and future IT planning all play a role in the security program our team develops. From vulnerability assessments to systematically improving the security protocols on each IT asset you use, we offer complete, end-to-end security solutions.

IT & Data Security services differ from client to client, but some of the services offered include:

    • Vulnerability scanning for mobile and wired devices and networks
    • Cloud security
    • Training and best practices consulting
    • Disaster recovery and backup
    • daily basis, and officials predict an increased rate of attack every year.

Protecting sensitive information is no longer optional

Data Storage

Data storage – whether it’s files or databases – is of the utmost importance to any business. NetProclivity knows performance is as much of a concern as IT and data security, and we will optimize both using the newest, most powerful techniques and technologies.

Storage Area Network

A Storage Area Network (SAN) dedicated network that provides access to your consolidated block level data storage. This essentially makes your devices appear to your servers as locally attached devices to the operating system. At NetProclivity, we can implement a SAN utilizing different protocols.

Network-Attached Storage

A NAS unit allows file-based data storage – as opposed to the block-level storage of the SAN. The primary reason you would go with NAS instead of a SAN is if you did not intend to handle viewing/manipulating your files client-side.

Direct-Attached Storage

DAS would be used if you only needed storage attached to one server or workstation. DAS is not networked and therefore is accessed through the server or workstation that it is attached to through a host bus adapter.

The Importance of Data Management

In the interconnected world of the modern age, we are more concerned about our security than ever, and understandably so. Interacting over multiple platforms, like mobile and social, create unique opportunities for us to engage with our customers. All of this interaction leads to enormous amounts of data, including personal information. Data management and cybersecurity is becoming an important cornerstone of every business operation.

Today, data management services and data security management are an essential tenet of any company that conducts business virtually. No matter the size of your company or your industry, trusting NetProclivity with your data security management needs is an important first step to ensuring your customer and employee information remains safe. Let us handle your data protection, so you can redirect your energy on what is most important to your company: tending to your customers and growing your business.

NetProclivity Edges Out the Competition

We know that there are a lot of companies who offer data management services. The NetProclivity difference comes from our commitment to customer service. We have experience working with a range of businesses of all sizes, providing each with the tools they need to meet their data security management requirements.

Because of our size, we are able to respond to customer service inquiries quickly, resolve issues, and handle any size job. We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective, custom-tailored solutions for our clients. Businesses turn to us for our data management services all over the Midwest and beyond.

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